Psithurism EP

by Psithurism

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Tourniquet 00:41
Guillotine 03:39
I spend my time locked and searching Craving escape, but you're always there This memory tightening around my neck This is my guillotine This is the death of me My mind is not clear, a mental, fixated stare, another second wasted hindsight Sharp and dull is my race, will I see a structure in place? I cannot breathe now for the hundredth time Drag me through the mud, facade cannot contend with this battle of ounces Lost, panicked for air with no chance to ascend, feel it creeping, running down my spine Wounds desperate to be a victim for all to see, I scream for hatred but the guillotine silences me Don't silence me Dead to try, damned to live, desperate, running through my own nonsense Never give another ending to a man who is looking for another reason to descend Take me down, take it down, an endless journey to the center of whatever makes sense I alone, we together, doesn't make a fucking difference when it's all said and done Break my neck, smash me to pieces This guillotine you have above my neck will never drop, never could and never did adjust to the world that you laid in front of me, it's the only thing now that I can see Never could and never did, never could and never did, never could and never did I wait for your guillotine Above my neck You are the Death Of Me
Ex Oblivione 04:27
Recompense eludes me, this outlook set in stone Your motivations consuming, I've nowhere left to go Break the barriers to the ground, comprehension left an afterthought To the growing need for slight forgiveness Of a life that's done no wrong Cast aside, deranged, and forgotten Leads a fight within to care no more Celebrate the life less burdened By the loving embrace of your failures It's done, it's over (leave me alone) The emptiness I know (hollow) Quiet brings me calm (go away) Your voice makes no sound Thrown away, go away, nothing there, no escape, fall behind, meaningless, unafraid Shed this light on meaning like a tourniquet to keep me breathing as I falter Break the shackles binding life to expectations looking forward far behind me Looking through your eyes An accusation of a martyr with no cross Another hero with a villainous outlook Decry the image in your very reflection No more It's done, it's over (leave me alone) The emptiness I know (hollow) Quiet brings me calm (go away) Your voice makes no sound
Nemesis 02:27
Colossus 04:36
Discussions to fall on deaf ears, the limits that you self-impose are locked into reason. To fall apart is what you strive to fulfill, just to see an ending coming. Serpetine, your own noose, you will lose A weight begotten of the treason that you fail to acknowledge It all will come down to abuse your deceit Of which you swear you know the ending just as clear as the start Release my mind with every second tearing through my life to render my emotions one of my biggest downfalls Damn your words I prepare to fall, locked inside a prophecy and the colossus prevails. In your own mind you're a martyr, Without a cause you dissipate. Left gasping for air when your head's above water on the shores of selfish pity. Never gonna take a step behind, Front and center. You cannot survive the disease of your mind that's fully tainted by intentions Bring your shame Bring your pity Wear your crown On your throne of nothing You're no martyr, You're not saint, You're no martyr, You have no cause. Shed your wrath on me. I can't take it, I can't take myself. Fear monopoly, go away and just leave me alone. Bring your shame, Bring your pity, Wear your crown, On your throne of nothing Bring your shame, Bring your fucking pity, Wear your crown, On your throne of nothing
Saturated (Emptiness) What you see (No one hears) Jealousy (In your thoughts) Hatred will (Tear you apart) On broken assumptions Faithless reality thrives This festering karma spawned from a wounded ego Your anger towards the world, won't stop it coming Just look into these eyes, to find the purpose You're everything I am nothing It's everything To be found in Nothing Don't need your sympathy, don't want my empathy, An idle inkling of a better trait that's left to find It's everything I am nothing I'll fall away from my surroundings Blinded to light, enslaved by sight And now these hours find a way to survive Belittle the ignorance that clings to life I'm bound to wander, I'm bound to shed The stench of your memory Your memory Sink back down No more I will not let you dictate this direction I will not let you be the truth I will not sink into this void The answer hiding in your will to survive The will to dedicate your life to your reasons The will to fight This is everything to me This should be nothing This is everything to me I am nothing I am everything This will be nothing I am everything You are nothing


released April 4, 2019


all rights reserved



Psithurism Chicago, Illinois

Psithurism is a heavy experimental project hailing from Chicago, creating brutal and ambient soundscapes.

Shawn Mills: Vocals

Daanish Rizwan: Guitar

Mike Kidd: Guitar

Bartholomew Brylak: Bass

Caleb Hill:
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